An IoT platform is essentially the heart of your entire IoT solution. Building a scalable and reliable IoT platform is hard, that’s why today the market is flooded with hundreds of IoT PaaS (Platform as a Service) vendors. Choosing the best IoT platform for operating your STREGA devices is much complex today than it has been ever before. Some solution are generic and can match any verticals, some others are dedicated and specific to smart-metering, farming, irrigation, leakage detection, industry, etc.


The STREGA Smart-Valves and Time-Controlled Emitter for irrigation valves are following native LoRaWAN 1.02 standards. Many SCADA and Cloud platforms are compliant with our devices. Not all support the schedulers and other enhanced features we offer but basic Open/Close operations are supported by all.


The non exhaustive list below provides an overview of the different proven solutions, compliant with the STREGA devices.

STREGA Mobile App

STREGA is platform agnostic, but we understand you want to try our technology first. We propose a WEB and mobile platform (Android or IOS) powered by the TagoIO engine to control your STREGA devices. The tool is free to use up to 5 devices and 5 dashboards. The App provides a seamless integration of all facets of the STREGA devices: open/close, change of UL frequency, time synchronization, geolocation, schedulers support and many more.

It runs today on several Network Servers like The Things Stack, TTI, ChirpStack and soon on many other LNS. You can add other sensors of your choice to the dashboards.


  • Developer: STREGA and TagoIO
  • Platform: Android, iOS and WEB
  • Price: free up to 5 devices and 5 dashboards – contact TagoIO for other plans
  • Features: Open/Close (or ON/OFF), schedulers support, geolocation, time synchronization, magnet control, trends, alarms, scripting, reporting, etc.


Developed by OPTION, this application runs on Cloud or on premise. The solution offers a seamless integration of the STREGA valves for massive deployment of devices. This platform targets mainly smart-metering, district cooling and district heating projects.


  • Developer: OPTION (
  • Type: dedicated to Smart-Valve only
  • Platform: Cloud or on premise
  • Price: contact Option for pricing
  • Features: monitoring and control of Smart-Valves, easy SV deployment by XLS integration: targets massive deployment of devices within minutes


Datacake is a multi-purpose, low-code IoT platform that requires no programming skills and minimal time to create custom IoT applications that can be brought into a white label IoT solution at the push of a button. In addition to many integrations for popular IoT ecosystems, the Datacake IoT platform brings deep integration for the LoRaWAN ecosystem. Devices can be created via templates and visualization and corresponding database functions are immediately available to the user without programming. Downlinks to control devices can be sent to the dashboard at the push of a button or automated via IFTTT-style rule engine. Adapters are also available for use with a wide variety of LoRaWAN networks.

  • Developer: Datacake (
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Price: contact Datacake or see the pricing page
  • Features: the advantages of the Datacake platform lie in its simple structure. Devices and network can be added at the push of a button. There is a white label section so our customers can easily build their own portal. No programming or other knowledge is required to use the platform.



IoT in a Box™ by myDevices is one of the leader in turnkey, fully-automated monitoring solutions for a variety of vertical markets. With IoT in a Box, users are enabled to remotely monitor their STREGA devices around the clock. These pre-packaged solutions integrate a LoraWAN™ ethernet or cellular gateway with long-life sensors – like the Smart-Valves or Smart-Emitters – and an iOS/Android mobile application, and take only minutes to set up. Gateways and sensors can be mixed, matched, and scaled to meet a wide variety of IoT challenges. Real-time reporting ensures users can manage their inventory and assets before costly problems arise. If a problem is detected, users will receive instant, actionable alerts. IoT in a Box delivers time and money savings that set the industry standard

  • Developer: myDevices (
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Price: contact myDevices for pricing
  • Features: monitoring and control of Smart-Valves or Smart-Emitters: scan QR code and you’re immediately on line with your STREGA devices. Warning: no schedulers support yet.


Urbana IoT Platform

Urbana IoT Platform is one of the leaders in turnkey, fully-automated monitoring solutions for a variety of vertical markets. With Urbana IoT Platform, users are enabled to remotely monitor their devices around the clock with a cloud native application.

These pre-packaged solutions integrate any Internet-connected devices over MQTT and natively supports LoRaWAN devices by the use of the fully managed Urbana LoRaWAN network. Long-life sensors, can be set up in few seconds using the mobile application Urbana Toolkit.

Sensors can be mixed, matched, and scaled to meet a wide variety of IoT challenges. Real-time reporting ensures users can manage their inventory and assets before costly problems arise. If a problem is detected, users will receive instant, actionable alerts.

Acting as the enabler for end-to-end IoT solutions, Urbana IoT Platform is the reference technology for the implementation of end-to-end IoT Solutions.

  • Developer: Urbana – see
  • Platform: Cloud (network agnostic)
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Price: contact Urbana for pricing
  • Features:

Full-stack IoT Platform: Add devices to Urbana IoT Platform at the speed of light. Thanks to the Urbana Toolkit app and the QuickInstall engine, users are just 10 seconds away from seeing the device on the platform. Users can benefit from ready-to-use features or implement their own dashboards leveraging a secure and scalable platform.


Ginjer by SENRA


The Ginjer IoT Analytics Platform ( introduces a new low cost approach in deploying IoT solutions. Ginjer helps accelerate business decision making with powerful reporting tools and real-time data visualization, coupled with customizable device clusters, device management capabilities and user access management features. Companies can now deploy end-to-end solutions in shorter amount of time.

  • Developer: SENRA – see
  • Platform: Cloud (network agnostic)
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Price: contact SENRA for pricing
  • Features: the Ginjer IoT Platform is a fully managed solution that allows you to easily and securely manage IoT data and devices at scale. Ginjer is agnostic to the communication protocol providing customers the ability to leverage the power of the platform with their network of choice. Management of devices, data visualization, and API integrations for mobile application development are all managed and maintained from Ginjer.



Ubidots is an Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics and visualization company. We turn sensor data into information that matters for business-decisions, machine-to-machine interactions, educational research, and increase economization of global resources.


Ubidots exists as an easy and affordable means to integrate the power of the IoT into your business or research. Ubidots technology and engineering stack was developed to deliver a secure, white-glove experience for our users.


Device friendly APIs (accessed over HTTP/MQTT/TCP/UDP protocols) provide a simple and secure connection for sending and retrieving data to and from our cloud service in real-time. Ubidots’ time-series backend services are performance optimized for IoT data storage, computation, and retrieval.


Our application enablement platform supports interactive, real-time data visualization (widgets), and an IoT App Builder that allows developers to extend the platform with their own HTML/JS code for private customization when desired. Ubidots exists to empower your data from device to visualization.


  • Developer: UBIDOTS (
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Price: contact Ubidots for pricing
  • Features: monitoring and control of Smart-Valves or
  • Smart-Emitter: support of schedulers, UL frequency settings, time synchronization and many more…


Busit is the cloud-based software solution that binds and drives every Internet enabled element. It applies to real devices as well as virtual services. It allows to create smart scenarios, increase companies performance and simplify end users’ experience.


Busit® allows for fast and efficient handling of all your connected things, devices and services, regardless of the brand, manufacturer or communication protocol. With Busit, you can easily and securely connect all these equipments and applications, control the interactions thanks to its ruling engine and take your decisions using reporting and mapping tools. Busit helps you to quickly setup a multitude of services, operational scenarios and analysis of large amounts of information.


  • Developer: BUSIT (
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Price: contact Busit for pricing
  • Features: monitoring and control of Smart-Valves or
  • Smart-Emitter: support of schedulers, UL frequency settings, time synchronization and many more…


Since 2008, Vertical M2M develops CommonSense IoT Platform® enabling service providers and equipment manufacturers to create and deploy end-to-end IoT industrial solutions. CommonSense is a middleware and Application Enablement Platform available both through a User Interface and RESTful APIs. With CommonSense, you can : (1) connect any equipment, including existing ones, and manage your networks with 10 protocols supported including all LoRa architectures along with the main LoRaWAN network servers as well as our own CommonSense LoRaWAN network server; (2) manage any device with leading device management tools and extend your IoT solutions with powerful features such as dynamic capabilities for your devices using standard LUA scripting: (3) create IoT application interfaces with our codeless dashboarding tool.

Off-the-shelves IoT solutions, designed in partnership with field experts, are also available.


  • Developer: Vertical-M2M (
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Price: contact vertical-M2M for pricing
  • Features: The Strega valves are CommonSense-ready+ devices, which means they supported by CommonSense in an advanced manner including the following capabilities: Valve status, Batterie status, Open/close command, Full schedulers support, LoRa radio and UL configuration support, Time synchronization

KHEIRON Irrigation 4.0

Irrigation 4.0 has been designed using the Kheiron engine. KHEIRON Service Platform is an innovative M2M / IoT solution designed to enable companies to connect their devices with a customizable user interface. With KSP, accelerate and facilitate the implementation of your tailor-made and secured connectivity solution. “Stay focused on your business, we provide a turnkey solution!”.

The platform is dedicated mainly to setup the schedulers onto the STREGA Smart-Emitters and performs: Real-time dashboards, email and SMS alerts, trends and synoptics, automated reports, Remote controls, etc.


  • Developer: IOThink (
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Type: vertical (irrigation)
  • Price: contact IOThink for pricing
  • Features: Valve status and control, battery status, Open/Close command, full schedulers support, LoRa radio and UL configuration, time synchronization


Cayenne is one of the first drag and drop IoT Project builder. Design prototypes and complete IoT solutions with Cayenne app in any device or connection. Cayenne IoT ready program for hardware manufacturers will easily enable micro controllers , gateways, sensors and other devices to connect to Internet of Things. Cayenne is a tool for quickly designing IoT projects using a friendly drag-and-drop interface for everything from hardware connections to app configuration. It also includes a rules engine to set up automated behaviors, and presents visualization tools and hardware controls as widgets in an automatically generated web and mobile dashboard.


  • Developer: now own by myDevices (
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Price: Free
  • Features: monitoring and control of Smart-Valves or Smart-Emitter with easy drag&drop UI. Includes: Triggers, Data Visualization, Remote Monitoring, SMS & Email Alerts, IoT Cloud, Asset Tracking


e2watch is a fully developed energy monitoring solution by regio iT, designed to support energy controlling. It allows visualizing and analyzing energy and sensor data in order to reduce costs and save resources. In addition to water, electricity, heat and gas consumption e2watch can process different data such as temperature, leak detectors, analog and digital facility data and many more. The e2watch incident and alarm management informs responsible employees via E-Mail and SMS about any anomaly.

Moreover, automatic switching operations can be triggered, such as shutting off the Strega Smart Valve automatically, in case of a leak event. Together with our partner ZENNER International, we offer a full solution including a LoRaWAN network and application server, devices, rollout and operation. As SaaS solution e2watch is agnostic to various platforms, since it utilizes different standardized protocols and data formats like HTTP/Rest, OPC UA, MQTT or MSCONST.


  • Developer: regio iT (
  • Type: multi-purpose
  • Platform: Cloud
  • Price: to be discussed individually
  • Features: e2watch offers different tools for handling anomalies, like documentation, deep dives and reports but also automatic events to reduce the impact of malfunctions. In this case, the Strega Smart Valve can be used to prevent greater leak damages. In case of false alarm or repair, it can be opened remotely via e2watch.

You have a platform compliant with the STREGA devices and not yet in this list? then contact us: