Agriculture Irrigation is an essential component of sustainable development which faces challenges similar to those confronting other public and private sector economic activities. The obvious one is … water-savings.

One of the most common problems with farm irrigation systems has to do with irrigation scheduling. Irrigation scheduling is simply answering the questions of “When do I water?” and “How long do I water?”. Starting an irrigation cycle too early and/or running an irrigation cycle too long is considered over watering.


At the very least this practice wastes water and money. However, overwatering can cause crop damage if done on a prolonged basis. Likewise, starting an irrigation cycle too late or not running the system for a long enough period of time is considered under watering and can cause reduced yields and poor crop quality.


The STREGA LoRaWAN time-controlled emitter helps farmers to simplify their installation by providing limited number of components together with extreme distance operation and appropriate scheduling.

The STREGA LoRa wireless smart Emitter can not only open or close your valves kilometers/miles away: it can embed directly the necessary irrigation schedules without even having to communicate with the gateway/concentrator or your platform. Daily scheduled schemes with start periods and length can be uploaded directly into the emitter’s memory: its processing capability and the real-time clock will take care of the rest.

And we have used the same technology to start your remote pump too: connected to a bi-stable relay, the STREGA LoRa wireless smart Emitter will operate your pump at the right moment and perfectly synchronized with the status of your valves to pressurize your pipes only when it is needed.

You have no easy access to power at the pumping spot? Your pump is running on a genset ? No issue: the STREGA LoRa wireless smart Emitter will trigger the start/stop of your generator accordingly.