The STREGA LoRa wireless smart-valve helps water municipalities and property managers to optimize their network by remotely closing pipes before water is reaching users. It makes even more sense at entry points: a Control Center can switch off a valve when a customer is not paying his water usage bill, rather than sending an operator for a manual close (then again for reopening the valve…). A smart management of reopening the valve can be performed automatically by the SCADA control center when a bill is paid.

Future “smart cities” require smart utility meter devices. One particularly challenging part is to associate water meters in combination with automatic valve closing. While water meter manufacturers have adopted low power wireless M-Bus technology long back, none of them have looked at its direct counterpart: the valve. At many places, there is no energy supply available, so devices need to be battery powered. On top of this, in many countries worldwide, new environmental legislations require the utility companies to take active measures against waisting water in case of leaks.

Short explainer video on leak detection from the STREGA valve.

Several countries have already declared water to be a human right, so closing a valve in case of water leakage is no longer an option. STREGA offers specific valves providing a trickle of water when in closed condition.


Combined with the right analytical Cloud platform, the water valve can close itself autonomously in case leaks or burst pipes are detected.


  • Smart-valve can be closed from remote in case a leak or burst pipe is detected to avoid water damage
  • One gateway/concentrator is enough to manage smart-valves from an entire 22 floors building
  • Remote Closing for users not paying their water bills…
  • Unique valve design that will not be corroded (particularly important for valves staying long time in the same position)
  • Easy installation with 10+ years autonomy.
  • Also available with a minimum trickle in CLOSE position
  • Anti-Hammer effect model with slow closing
  • Efficient network flushing (purges) with embedded automatic schedules


  • Pipe size from 3/8″ to 3’’ (DN10 to DN80)
  • Rated for high pressure up to PN25
  • Works for cold or heated fluids up to 140°C (284°F)
  • Potable water certified (WRAS, ACS, NSF61-FDA, DZR, etc.)
  • Local manual override with anti-fraud detection
  • Leak detection sensor (i.e. moisture rope)
  • 0-10VDC pressure measurement sensor
  • BSP (G–ISO 228) or NPT threads (North America)
  • Optional flanges (above DN50)
  • Made of brass and stainless steel
  • Available in “all-in-one” or segregated edition