The STREGA wireless time-controlled smart-actuator has been designed to provide a seamless ultra long range wireless capability to control irrigation and sprinklers valves. With its embedded time controlled features, forget irrigation controllers and forget wiring ! Simplify your topology with a robust, flexible and long lasting solution.

This wireless time-controlled transceiver and actuator connects directly to the DC latching solenoid of the valve while providing wireless connectivity up to 15+km (10+ miles) distance from the Gateway.

With its ultra-low-power consumption, the STREGA wireless time-controlled actuator can operate on batteries during 7+ years* (calculation based on 3 irrigation periods/day – all year long) and through extreme long distances.   LoRaWAN technology provides an exceptional obstacles penetration even in urban or sub-urban areas. No more irrigation controllers are required: pilot directly your valves or set your irrigation schedules from your control center, phone or tablet … directly at zone level !   The device is powered by one or two Lithium batteries or even by an external power source like a micro solar panel for unlimited time operation.
Extreme range communication is achieved even if the actuator is buried below ground surface. If wired to a water meter or flow sensor, the counter value can be retrieved ‘on-air’ at any time

See How It Works

  • 1

    Open the STREGA Smart-Actuator device, insert the batteries and scan the QR code to get all LoRaWAN security keys and unique ID

  • 2

    Install your gateway and provision it to your Network Server (or use the service of an available LoRaWAN network Operator)

  • 3

    Connect the two wires of the solenoid from your irrigation valve to the STREGA Smart-Actiator

  • 4

    Download and install the STREGA mobile app from Play Store or App Store on your Smartphone or Tablet (or use any compliant Cloud platform solution)

  • 5

    Test and control your Smart-Actuator on-the-spot : you can securely Open/Close your irrigation valve from anywhere

  • 6

    You are now ready to program the automatic watering operations via the embedded “schedulers” and enjoy years of maintenance free operation…

Free of charge Android or iOS mobile App


Download the STREGA mobile App based on TagoIO from

We are compatible with DC latching solenoids of the following irrigation valve brands:
The STREGA LoRaWAN solution simplifies significantly the installation and reduce your costs