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The STREGA Remote Power Switch is a smart LoRaWAN® device for the remote control of industrial and home appliances. The STREGA LoRaWAN Remote Power Switch permits to control 2 lines of 220VAC from its embedded bistable relay.
Appliances include start/stop of gensets, granting access to security gates, remote control of pumps, heating devices, lighting, remote servers, smart cabinets, repeater stations, telecom towers, enabling and disabling security systems, resetting cameras, etc. Communication to the Remote Power Switch is done using the integrated LoRaWAN® module. Its internal clock ensures automatic ON/OFF operations for each day of the week and independently from the communication. Automatic operations can trigger ON/OFF on any Digital Inputs change.

STREGA LoRaWAN Power Switch combines the advantages of LoRa with the programmable time-controlled operation by providing:
  • Extreme range wireless communication
  • Low cost operation using license free communication (no SIM required)
  • Automatic ON/OFF switching of the device, engine, light, genset, etc. by integrating directly the scheduled operation at device site or according to IO change
  • Immediate ON/OFF command of the device from the Control Room, when required (class C operation)
Whatever you decide to work on batteries or through external power, the embedded schedulers of the STREGA device will trigger your device at programmed intervals.   For immediate processing, the STREGA Time-controlled power Switch will operate in LoRaWAN “Class C”, continuously listening to the Control Room’s instructions.

Aside from the ON/OFF command of the device, the STREGA Power Switch can detect a faulty device

Compliant to the most demanding industrial standards, the STREGA Time-controlled Power Switch is designed to work in any harsh environment with its high electromagnetic noize immunity and its seamless operation under extreme temperatures (low and high).   Its internal real time clock is synchonized by NTP on regular base to ensure the perfect ON/OFF synchronization on multiple devices with no compromise.

Remote Start/Stop of a Genset can be made 15+km/10+mi. away

Equipped with LoRaWAN wireless technology, the Strega Time-controlled Power Switch can communicate up to 15 + km from the gateway (LOS) and up to 2 km in urban areas. Compatible with private or public LoRa networks, the STREGA Time-controlled Power Switch is compatible with any LoRaWAN gateway brand (Multitech, Cisco, Lorix-One, Kerlink, Cloudgate, Tektelic, EveryNet, Femto, etc.).


This industrial LoRaWAN Power Switch can also be used to remotely switch a security system on/off.. Cameras can also be easily reset from a distance with this device. The LoRaWAN® based remote power switch is therefore ideal for security monitoring & remote services applications.



  • Remote ON/OFF via its embedded AC (or DC) relay
  • Extreme range wireless
  • Battery operated with 7+ years autonomy
  • Automatic Start/Stop according to programmed schedules
  • Programmable ON/OFF depending on DI change
  • LoRaWAN Class A and Class C
  • Compatible with any LoRaWAN Application Server
  • Works with any compliant LoRaWAN 1.02 gateways
  • Outside low or high temperature can trigger ON or OFF


  • Power supply: type-D Lithium batteries or external power supply 12V DC
  • Embedded relay operation: bistable – 2 lines
  • Max output Voltage: 250 VAC (1 or 2 lines)
  • Max Current: 16A
  • FULL edition: 2 x Digital Inputs, 1 x 0-10VDC Analog input, Pulse counting up to 10Hz
  • Frequency: LoRaWAN EU868, US915, AU915 and AS923
  • Data security: AE128 multiple AES cryptographic algorithms
  • Outdoor rating: IP67
  • Enclosure material: Fire-retardant ABS V0
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC..70ºC (-4°F..160°F)
  • Product Dimensions: 160*80*60mm (6.3×3.2×2.4 in.)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC, UL, N-TICK,…