The STREGA LoRa wireless smart valve is a battery operated valve of industrial grade quality and of exclusive design with embedded LoRaWAN wireless technology and automation features.

With its ultra-low-power consumption, the valve can operate on batteries during 10+ years and through extreme long distances with an exceptional obstacles penetration, even inside buildings or urban areas.                                                                                                                                                                                                    With its additional Digital and Analog inputs, like a pressure or a humidity sensor, for instance, the valve can be turned off at the main line stopping the leak before major damage is done and at the same time, send an alarm to your Mobile through the gateway or the Application Server. The valve may also be configured for full water meter reading and data transmission capabilities, eliminating the need for a discreet endpoint.The STREGA Smart-Valve  can be programmed for automatic shut-off based on counter value.


  • Long range wireless, battery operated LoRaWAN valve
  • Solenoid or Motorized valve technologies
  • “Smart” operations: pulse counting, shut-off based on Digital Inputs change or counter value, time-controlled Open/Close, etc.
  • Ultra-low consumption (10+ years autonomy)
  • Fraud resistant with tamper
  • License free operation on EU868 (Europe, Middle East) – US915 (North & South America/Australia) – AU915 (South America/Australia), AS923 (-1, -2, -3, -4) and IN865 (India – Class A only)
  • IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • DN10 (3/8”) to DN80 (3”) – bigger valve sizes using add-on board
  • Bi-directional deep indoor communication
  • Industrial grade (PN25, IP67, fluid up to 140°C/60°F,…)
  • Extreme range links: 15+ km/10+ mi. in LOS – 2+ km/1+ mi. in urban areas – 22+ floors inside buildings
  • Available with minimal flow in close position (trickle of 50L/h) and “slow closing” edition
  • Android/iOS mobile App

!!! Updated 2023 Motorized Edition !!!

  • Motorized ball valve
  • Partial aperture (programmable “on-air” from 0% to 100%)
  • From DN10 to DN50
  • 1 x DI for pulse counting (up to 10 Hz) or level sensor
  • 1 x leak detection sensor input (wired)
  • High pressure PN20 rated
  • LoRaWAN Class A (battery operated) or Class C (external power supply 12VDC)
  • Automatic flushing sequences
  • Full stainless steel


!!! Updated “FULL Edition” !!!

  • 2 x digital inputs (dry contacts)
  • Water meter pulse counting (up to 10Hz)
  • Automatic shut-off based on counter value (prepaid water), DI status or leak detection
  • 1 x leak detection sensor input (wired)
  • LoRaWAN Class A (full battery operated) and Class C
  • External power supply (12VDC) when in Class C
  • Local magnet control (with remote enable/disable)
  • Fraud detection on disconnected cable or wire cut (segregated form factor)
  • Embedded temperature and humidity sensor

The STREGA smart-valve combines long range LoRa LPWAN communication with an ultra-low power design. This wireless valve runs on Lithium batteries for 10-15+ years (or with no time limit if powered externally) while transmitting several parameters like valve its status (Open/Close), device ID (unique AES128 encryption key), battery level, signal strength, enclosure tampering (is the box tentatively open for fraud ?), alarm, leak detected, pressure level, ambiant temperature, counter value, etc…
A leak detection, for instance, can immediately trigger the closing of the valve and report the issue to its owner.  You can control back the smart-valve from a Control Center or from a secure link via your mobile phone and tablet.

Short explainer video showing pulse counting from the Smart-Valve

Your STREGA valve is also capable of automatic operations such as decrementing a preset counter value representing the permitted monthly amount of liters and performing an automatic closing when the allowed amount is reached. This counter preset can be modified on-air at any time.

How It Works

  • 1

    Open the device, insert the batteries and scan the QR code to get all LoRaWAN security keys and ID (or use the utility via the USB cable for more options)

  • 2

    Install the smart-valve on your pipe then test manually its operation via the manual override buttons or via the magnet (left pic shows the valve installation on a DN65 (2″1/2) pipe size).

  • 3

    Install your (indoor or outdoor) gateway and provision it to your loRa Network Server (or use an available LoRaWAN service from an Operator)

  • 4

    Provision the STREGA smart-valve device on the Platform according to its unique credentials (or use the STREGA Android/iOS App to directly monitor and control your valve)

  • 5

    You’re ready to remote monitor and Open/Close your valve from anywhere, change its parameters or program its automatic operations using the embedded schedulers.

The STREGA Smart-Valve runs on private as well as public operated LoRaWAN network. Following strictly the LoRaWAN 1.02 standards, it complies with any good indoor or outdoor LoRa gateways such as Kerlink, CloudGate, Cisco, Gemtek, Lorix One, Multitech, Tektelic, EveryNet and many more…
Working with public LoRaWAN Operators and Network Servers, the technology will provide a seamless integration on more than 100+ LoRa infrastructures such as Orange, Senet, Du, Ooredoo, Meshed, NNNCo, ThingPark Actility, Loriot, Chirpstack, The Things Stack, The Things Industries, Helium, Digita, ElevenX, ResIOT, Du, Lattelecom, X-Telia, EveryNet, among many others…