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…the most advanced IIoT products for your business !
  • IIoT Sensors

    We design cost effective and robust industrial grade Industrial IoT sensors with wireless and ultra low power capabilities

  • Smart Gateways

    We use the most advanced gateways from the market that we customize for our wireless sensors

  • Complete Solutions

    We can propose a complete bottom-up solution for your control centers too…

  • Custom Design

    we have the inside knowledge to finetune any of your requirements

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  • Exclusive design

    All of our design are industrial grade and made for working in rugged environment

  • Extreme range links

    Strong signal penetration (even within a urban area or inside buildings)

  • Accurate

    Bidirectional communication with feedback resent to the gateway/concentrator

  • Fully Secure communication

    Data are encrypted between the sensor and the concentrator (AES128) and between concentrator and the Control Center (VPN)

  • Ultra Low consumption

    Ultra-low power design with 10+ years autonomy

  • IIoT ready

    Compliant with all Industrial Internet of Things platforms

About us

  • Wireless Technology Experts

    LoRa LPWAN technology

  • Quick and reliable

    We go straight to the point and deliver in time

  • Dynamic sales team

    Our Sales team is technically sound

  • Strong technical support

    We do not only sell our advanced solutions: we support our customers with efficiency

The people behind STREGA