the Most Advanced IIoT Actuators for your Business !

IIoT Sensors

We design cost effective and robust industrial grade Industrial LoRaWAN actuators with extreme range wireless and ultra low power capabilities

Smart Gateways

We are compliant with all gateway brands from the market and follow all necessary standards to combine our sensors on any Cloud platforms

Complete Solutions

We can propose a complete bottom-up solution:: from the sensor to your control center…

Custom Design

We have the inside knowledge to finetune any of your requirements


Our Catalogues

You can download our brochures and datasheets from the respective Product Pages


Exclusive Design

All of our design are industrial grade and made for working in rugged environment

Extreme Range Links

Strong signal penetration (even within a urban area or inside buildings)



Bidirectional communication with feedback resent to the gateway or the Application Server

Fully Secure Communication

Data are encrypted between the sensor and the concentrator (AES128) and between concentrator and the Control Center (VPN)

Ultra Low Consumption

Ultra-low power design with 10-15 years autonomy

IIoT Ready

Compliant with all Industrial Internet of Things platforms

About Us

Wireless Technology Experts

LoRa LPWAN technology

Quick and Reliable

We go straight to the point and deliver in time

Dynamic Sales Team

Our Sales team is technically sound

Strong Technical Support

We do not only sell our advanced solutions: we support our customers with efficiency