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Q: Where can I install the STREGA Smart-Valve?

A: The STREGA Smart-Valve can be used with liquids, compressed air, oil-free or dry neutral gases. Most of our customers use them today for drinking water or cooling water. The valve pipe sections are available from ½” to 2.5” (DN10..DN65).

Q: How many STREGA Smart-Valve can I install on a single project?

A: There is no limitation in the numbers of Smart-Valves in a project. STREGA has conceived the product with the latest IIoT technologies in mind. In this market, one targets millions of sensors to communicate over the Internet.  We recommend, however, to use one Gateway every 1000 Smart-Valves.

Q: Do I need to use a Mobile Telecom Operator to use the STREGA Smart-Valve?

A: No. The solution works on both operated LoRaWAN or private LoRaWAN networks.

Q: STREGA advises to use the STREGATE LoRa Gateway: can I use another LoRaWAN Receiver?

A: Yes. The Smart-Valve uses standard LoRaWAN technology with no proprietary protocol overhead: any LoRa gateway will be usable on the STREGA Smart-Valve.

Q: Can the Control Room be aware that someone is trying to control the Smart-Valve?

A: Yes. Fraud detection is part of the solution. The STREGA Smart-Valve has a tamper button that immediately triggers an alarm to the Control Room when the enclosure has been opened.

Q: Can anyone control the Smart-Valve from a smartphone?

A: No. The STREGA Smart-Valve use AES128 encryption that avoid any unauthorized person to control a valve.

Q: How do I know when it is time to change the batteries?

A: The STREGA Smart-Valve design has been made to target ultra-low consumption and 10+years autonomy. The remaining battery power is sent at each transmission.

Q: Why is the STREGA Smart-Valve not sensitive to corrosion?

A: The STREGA Smart-Valve is not motorized and fluid is not in direct contact with the mechanical parts. This is particularly important for valves that may stay in the same position during months or years. Other valve’s design may fail prematurely.

Q: How far away can the Smart-Valve be controlled?

A: The distance the Smart-Valve can be controlled via the Gateway will be determined by the environment you are controlling the valve in. Thanks to the LoRaWAN amazing obstacles penetration, we tested more than 15 km (10+mi.) in LOS. In urban areas, we successfully tested more than 3 km passing incredible obstacles. In a building, we could reach 22 floors from the gateway.

Q: How do I modify the settings of the Smart-Valve?

The Smart-Valve configuration can be either made by the USB port locally or Over-the-air. One can, for instance, modify the frequency of transmissions in Open or in Close mode, chnage the radio settings, set conditions to automatically Close the Valve etc.

Q: can the Smart-Valve work underground?

A: Yes, the LoRaWAN has an incredible obstacles penetration even below ground surface but the exact range will depend on many factors and local tests may need to be done to calculate exact distance.

Q: Can the Smart-Valve perform Open or Close on specific conditions?

A: Yes. The Smart-Valve has some local intelligence to trigger: closing on the detection of a leakage, opening  at certain time intervals via its internal scheduler, etc.

Q: Can I control my Smart-Valves over the Internet?

A: Yes. That is the main idea of the whole concept: whatever you decide to work within your private APN or through a mobile Operator, the STREGA solution provides top-down secure communication: from the Control Room up to the valve.

Q: How long will the batteries that control the Smart-Valve last?

A: The batteries of the Smart-Valve are designed to last 10+ years, depending upon usage.

Q: On some locations, I have power available, can the Smart-Valve work on external power ?

A: Yes, the Smart-Valve can also work with an external power source from 9 to 60VDC. A micro solar panel can, for instance, be used locally.

Q: Will the Smart-Valve still work if it gets wet?

A: Yes. The Smart-Valve is IP68, which means it can even live underwater if this is required.

Q: How do I know if my Smart-Valve is still working?

A: The Smart-Valve is transmitting a daily keep alive message to the Gateway to provide various health status information, signal status, time of last transmission, etc.