Street lighting provides a number of important benefits. It can be used to promote security in urban areas and to increase the quality of life by artificially extending the hours in which it is light so that activity can take place. Street lighting also improves safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

STREGA LoRa Time-controlled Emitter helps municipalities to manage remotely the automatic ON/OFF of their public lighting by:
  • Providing extreme range wireless communication to each feeder
  • Low cost operation using license free communication (no SIM required)
  • Automatic ON/OFF of the lighting poles by integrating directly the scheduled operation at feeder level
  • Immediate ON/OFF command of the lighting from the Control Room, when required
Whatever you decide to work on batteries or through external power, the embedded schedulers of the STREGA device will trigger the light poles behind the feeder at programmed intervals.   For immediate processing, the STREGA Time-controlled emitter will operate in LoRaWAN “Class C”, continuously listening to the Control Room’s instructions.


Aside from the ON/OFF command of the lighting, the STREGA emitter can detect a faulty lamp
Compliant to the most demanding industrial standards, the STREGA Time-controlled Emitter is designed to work in any harshed environment with its high electromagnetic noize immmunity and its seamless operation under extreme temperatures (low and high).   Its internal real time clock is synchonized by NTP on regular base to ensure the perfect ON/OFF synchronization on multiple lighting poles with no compromise.
Equipped with LoRaWAN wireless technology, the Strega Time-controlled Emitter can communicate up to 15 + km from the gateway (LOS) and up to 2 km in urban areas. Compatible with private or public LoRa networks, the STREGA Time-controlled Emitter is compatible with any LoRaWAN gateway brand (Multitech, Cisco, Lorix-One, Kerlink, Cloudgate, Tektelic, EveryNet, Femto, etc.).   Modern commercial outdoor lighting systems are being asked to do more than ever before. In addition to fulfilling their primary purpose of casting light onto dark roadways, parking areas, and public spaces, outdoor lighting systems are increasingly evaluated for how well they reduce energy consumption, improve safety for both pedestrians and drivers, and serve as the foundation for a range of IoT applications: the STREGA Time-controlled Emitter with its LoRaWAN capability is targeting these benefits.



  • Remote ON/OFF via embedded AC relay
  • Extreme range wireless
  • Battery operated with 7+ years autonomy
  • Automatic ON/OFF according to programmed schedules
  • LoRaWAN Class A and Class C
  • Compatible with any LoRaWAN Application Server
  • Works with any compliant LoRaWAN 1.02 gateways


  • Power supply: type-D Lithium batteries or external power supply 12VDC
  • Embedded relay operation: bistable – 2 lines
  • Max output Voltage: 250 VAC
  • Max Current: 5A
  • Product Dimensions: 160*80*60mm (6.3×3.2×2.4 in.)
  • Frequency: LoRaWAN EU868, AU915, US915 and AS923
  • Data security: AE128 multiple AES cryptographic algorithms
  • Outdoor rating: IP67
  • Enclosure material: Fire-retardant ABS V0
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC..70ºC (-4°F..160°F)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC, UL, N-TICK,…