STREGA LoRa wireless smart-valve can help District Cooling companies to shut down cooling water in an unoccupied flat to save cooling energy. Like for the example below, a Control Center will command the operation of the valve remotely. Combining the smart-valve onto a BTU meter can optimize significantly the monitoring process as well as transporting the meter values through the LoRa communication and benefitting from the exceptional deep-indoor wave penetration thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol.



The “Smart-Valve Studio” provides immediate monitoring and control of each valve installed in the building

The STREGA smart-valve installed in a cabinet located behind the false ceiling

This building has 546 x STREGA smart-valves using wireless LoRaWAN communication: chilled water at 5°C is supplied to tenant’s fan coil units (FCU)

The “Smart-Valve Studio” interface allows authorized personel to monitor and control the LoRaWAN smart-valves from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.