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Wireless LoRaWAN valve

Extreme Range Wireless Smart-Valve

STREGA LoRa wireless smart valve is an all-in-one battery operated valve of superior quality and of exclusive design with embedded LoRa LPWAN wireless technology. With its ultra-low-power consumption, the valve can operate on batteries during 10+ years and through extreme long distances from the gateway/concentrator with an exceptional obstacles penetration.

With its additional Digital Input connected to a water moisture sensor, for instance, the valve can be turned off at the main line stopping the leak before major damage is done and at the same time send an alarm to your smartphone through the gateway.

  • Wireless battery operated valve
  • Ultra-low consumption with exclusive corrosion proof mechanism
  • Secure operation with top-down encryption (AES128 + VPN)
  • 10+ years battery autonomy
  • Fraud resistant with tamper
  • License free operation on 863-870MHz or 433MHz (Europe, Middle East) – 915 MHz (USA/Australia) – AS923 (Australia/New Zealand) – Japan (920-928 MHz)
  • IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • Bi-directional deep indoor communication
  • Optional Digital Input for leak detection, alarm or pulse counting
  • Daily keep-alive signals
  • Extreme range links: 10+ km in LOS – 2 km+ in urban area – 22+ floors inside buildings
  • NEW 2018: available with minimal flow in close position (i.e.50L/h)

STREGA is partnering with one of the leading valve manufacturer to provide an exclusive long lasting smart-valve solution. While most other valve designs may corrode after time (especially when maintained months in a specific opened or closed condition), the STREGA smart-valve has a unique mechanism where fluid is never in contact with the diaphragm mechanical parts. The STREGA smart-valve combines long range LoRa LPWAN communication with an ultra-low power design. This wireless valve runs Lithium batteries for 10+ years while transmitting several parameters like valve status (Open/Close), device ID (unique AES128 encryption key), battery level, signal strength, enclosure tampering (is the box tentatively open for fraud ?), alarm, flow, etc… A leak detection, for instance, can immediately trigger the closing of the valve and report the issue to its owner. You can control back the smart-valve from a Control Center or from a secure link via your smartphone.  

IoT platform ready

The STREGA smart-valve works in combination with the advanced STREGATE concentrator which is fully compliant with major IoT platform:

  • DN40 pipe size (1”1/2)

    – Exocite

  • – ThingWorx
  • – Cumulocity
  • – Axeda
  • – AT&T M2X
  • – Xively
  • –
  • – Pushover
  • – Sparkfun
  • – Azure (EventHub)
  • – Azure (IoTHub)
  •         – myDevices
  •         – DIGIMONDO
  •         – Element-IoT
  •         – A2A smart city
  •         – Thing+
  • – Kheiron (IoThink)


DN80 pipe size (3”)


example using Cumulocity Cloud Service