Describe Project

Vertical Gateway/Concentrators

3G/4G/LTE smart Gateway/Concentrator

Our LoRa Smart-Valve and Smart-Emitter are using standard LoRaWAN protocol and are then compliant with any LoRa gateway supporting this technology. However, we have opted for a state-of-the-art solution being opened and smart enough to enhance our technology steps beyond.

STREGA has selected a modular, cost effective and industrial grade modem/router targeting massive deployement of remote sites: the “STREGATE” is developed around the well-known CLOUDGATE technology from Belgian manufacturer Option International. STREGA designs any specific daughter boards to fit the exact project requirements while matching customer’s costs constraints.

STREGATE is the perfect industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solution.

  • Robust and reliable aluminum case
  • Fully programmable via LuvitRED or SDK
  • secure IPsec VPN communication
  • large range of protocol librairies (KNX, BACNET, ModBus, …)
  • 2 slots for inserting optional daughter boards
  • WiFi access point option or 4-port 10/100 switch
  • 9/30 Vdc power supply
  • optional DIN rail bracket
  • Working temperature up to +70°C
  • LoRa wireless board

STREGATE is designed for connecting your devices to the internet. It can be equipped with an optional 4-port switch, a port R232 / 485 serial or become a WIFI access point and  can accomodate an embedded LoRa board.