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LoRaWAN Emitter

Extreme Range Wireless time-controlled Emitter for irrigation valves

The STREGA wireless time-controlled Emitter has been designed to provide a seamless ultra long range wireless capability to irrigation and sprinklers valves. With its embedded time controlled features, forget irrigation controllers and forget wiring ! Simplify your topology with a robust and long lasting solution.

This wireless time-controlled Emitter connects directly to the DC latching solenoid of the valve while providing wireless connectivity up to 15+km (10+ miles) distance from the Gateway.

With its ultra-low-power consumption, the STREGA wireless time-controlled Emitter can operate on batteries during 7+ years* (calculation based on 3 irrigation periods/day – all year long) and through extreme long distances. LoRaWAN technology provides an exceptional obstacles penetration even in urban or sub-urban areas. No more irrigation controllers are required: pilot directly your valves or set your irrigation schedules from your control center, phone or tablet !

The device is powered by one or two Lithium batteries but one can also use an external power source like a micro solar panel to power the emitter for unlimited time operation.

Extreme range transmission up to 15+ km (10+ mi) is achieved even if emitter is burried below ground surface

The cost of the STREGA wireless time-controlled Emitter is far less expensive than the cost to dig and bury wires. It is more cost effective to replace buried wire systems with a wireless solution than to continuously repair wires that have been chewed by varmints or damaged by earth moving equipment.

The video below shows the combination of the STREGA Emitter on IoT-in-a-Box platform:

And we have decided to offer more than super long range wireless connectivity to your valves: with its embedded real time clock and processing capability, the STREGA wireless time-controlled  Emitter can store your scheduled watering programs to open/close the valve by its own (up to 4 schedulers per day for each day of the week). Combined with soil moisture sensors or rain sensors , it can even stop waterizing if a certain humidity level has been detected or on any abnormal alarm condition. Linked to weather forecasts web API, you can even skip the next programmed schedule if rain is about to come.


♦ Compliant with 9-12VDC latching solenoids of all valve brands

♦ LoRaWAN extreme wireless range of up to 10+m./15+km

♦ Ultra-low power with long run times of more than 7+ years

♦ Manual and automatic operation via embedded schedulers

♦ LoRaWAN ultra-long range of up to 10+m./15+km

♦ License free operation (no SIM required)

♦ Class A and C support

♦ Compliant with all Application Servers and LoRaWAN 1.02 gateways

♦ Free mobile app available for iOS and Android with geolocation, schedules settings, etc.


* battery life is subject to Open/Close frequency and Rx/Tx transmission frequency

Free of charge Android or iOS mobile App

       Download STREGA mobile App from  or