Describe Project

Water Main Flushing

Optimized Network Flushing needs smart-valves !

STREGA LoRa wireless smart valve helps water municipalities to manage the purges of low used network branches efficiently.

  • Stagnation of water in different parts of a network is a recurring problem: only regular purges can evacuate contaminations.
  • Automatic purge circulates water in a network and avoids stagnation on branches that are not very stressed, a source of contamination by the time of exposure to the various deposits that are bacterial vectors.

The automatic flushing is carried out without human presence at preprogrammed intervals and can be remotely monitored and controlled.

The STREGA Smart-Valve is a wireless and ultra-low-power valve allowing up to 4 cycles of opening/closing per day. When the valve reaches the opening time range, it switches and opens the flushing for the entire programmed time.

Compliant to the most demanding industrial standards, the STREGA valve is the perfect product for pits that are often submerged and have no power supply.

Equipped with LoRaWAN wireless technology, the valve can communicate up to 15 + km from the gateway (LOS) and up to 2 km in urban areas. Compatible with private or public LoRa networks, the STREGA Smart-Valve is compatible with any LoRaWAN gateway brand.

Its internal real time clock is synchonized by NTP on regular base to optimize multiple purges with no pressure compromise.