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Golf Irrigation

Turf-grass requires good soils and adequate levels of sunlight, nutrients, and water to endure a wide range of environmental extremes and withstand traffic from golfers. Of these requirements, water may be the most challenging to provide because it must be distributed frequently and uniformly into the soil for uptake by the turf-grass root system. STREGA LoRa wireless smart valve can help Golf Club owners to reduce their installation costs by avoiding the use of dedicated wires to control the valves from the control room.

The first and most obvious benefit of wireless components is that they can be installed in situations where wires would be a major hassle to put in. This is particularly true in the case of retrofitting an existing built space. Some locations have plenty of water, but no power: wireless technology is the solution to the problem. STREGA wireless technology allows valves to go “where no valve has gone before.”

Even burried below ground surface, the LoRaWAN signal propagates to extreme long distances

Two of the big things that are a driver for wireless products are ease and speed of installation and..‘time is money.’ The quicker a contractor can put in a job, the quicker he can move on to the next. Where in the past, it might have taken him 30 to 45 minutes to install a wired sensor, today he can install a wireless one in less than 10 minutes.

Troubleshooting is also easier because, if you have a wired product, you have to look for breaks or frays in the wire. It takes time to locate that, and then to patch or splice a good line into it. With a wireless product, you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

Control Room server is locally linked to the LoRa receiver/gateway which communicates on an extreme range to the smart valves

The exceptional wave propagation of LoRa is guaranteed even if the valve if installed below grass surface and into the irrigation box. One LoRa Gateway/Concentrator is enough for the entire course ! And because there is no wires needed to power the solenoid, a new zone can start from any given point.

For specific cases, an optional flow meter feedback, usually provided by 2 wires, can be plugged into the smart-valve to count flow pulses for accurate water usage.

To achieve optimal range, deport the Smart-Emitter up to 20m from the valve