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District Cooling

District cooling delivers chilled water to buildings like apartments, villas, offices and factories needing cooling.

STREGA LoRa wireless smart valve can help District Cooling companies to shut down cooling water in an unoccupied flat to save cooling energy. Like for the example below, a Control Center will command the operation of the valve remotely. Combining the smart-valve onto a BTU meter can optimize significantly the monitoring process as well as transporting the meter values through the LoRa communication and benefitting from the exceptional wave penetration thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol.

The Smart-Valve Studio provides immediate monitoring and control of each valve installed in the building

STREGA Smart-Valve installed in a cabinet located behind the false ceiling

This building has 546 x Smart-Valves installed using wireless LoRaWAN: chilled water at 5°C is supplied to tenant’s fan coil units (FCU)

The Smart-Valve Studio interface allows authorized personel to monitor and control the LoRaWAN Smart-Valve from any smartphone or tablet.